Monday, 13 October 2008

Film: Flightplan

Jodie Foster plays Kyle Pratt, a recently widowed aircraft designer who must fly her and her daughter back from Berlin to America in order to bury her late husband. When she awakes from a much-needed nap, she realises to her horror that her six-year-old daughter Julia is missing. Kyle initially thinks her daughter may have wandered off, but mild panic turns to full-scale hysteria when after an exhaustive search Julia is nowhere to be found on the plane. More worryingly, it emerges that Julia was never even registered as a passenger on the flight. With no one on board confirming that they had seen her, the audience is left guessing as to whether this is all a figment of Kyle's strained state of mind. Tense action follows as Kyle must rely on her own instincts to save herself and find her daughter.
Rating: ***
Saw this DVD last week for the 1st time. Good thriller - though if you have previously seen "The Lady Vanishes" you can guess most of the clues before they arrive. The ending was a bit weak, but - on the whole - not a bad film.

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sweety said...

I think that this is a gr8 film. Loved da endin. Thought that it was brill. lol. x x x