Friday, 17 October 2008

Book: Branded Robert Swindells

Blurb: Dale's older brother has been convicted of killing five women. The family are branded forever as relatives of a murderer - they're forced to change their names, move away and start new lives. That's bad enough, but Dale is also afraid that he might take after his brother and turn into a monster too. Then the family's new-found peace is threatened when a tabloid journalist gets on the trail - and all Dale's fears are put to the test.
Rating: ****
Review: Although aimed at older teens, this book is a good quick read for an adult - it took me a couple of hours to read it. An interesting take on a murder story, it tells the aftermath of a murder and the impact upon the murderer's family. It is not sentimental and has enough substance to make you care about the central characters. Overall, a good read.

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