Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Book: The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy - Fiona Neill

Blurb: For Lucy Sweeney, motherhood isn't all astanga yoga and Cath Kidston prints. It has been years since the dirty washing pile was less than a metre high, months since Lucy remembered to have sex with her husband, and a week since she last did the school run wearing pyjamas. When Husband on a Short Fuse is no contest for the distractions of Sexy Domesticated Dad; Yummy Mummy No 1 has more cash flow than parenting advice; and Alpha Mum is putting a slur on your questionable domestic habits, it's hard to remember exactly why anyone would give up a career and their sanity for three raucous sons and less than blissful domesticity. Lucy is living in a state of permanent emergency and the white lies to cover up the trail of chaos and illicit desire are about to be exposed ...This is an irresistible first novel about the dilemmas of motherhood and modern marriage for those who never discovered their domestic goddess within.
Rating: **
Review: An okay read in a similar genre to Bridgit Jones et al. Started off okay but I didn't really connect with any character in the book. I found Lucy frustrating and irritating, her husband Tom annoying and the "love intersts" unexciting. Sorry, but I have read better books on similar subjects.

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